At Used Parts  To Suit Toyota Cars we provide clients in Melbourne with a full mechanical service for all Toyota makes, models and years as well as spare parts when needed.

Our technicians are factory trained and specialise in Toyota vehicles on a daily basis. They have extensive knowledge of all models and their history as well as a thorough understanding of Toyota vehicles.

If your Toyota vehicle is regularly serviced you ensure the manufacturers warranty is valid with our logbook servicing, that wear and tear is avoided, fuel economy kept at a low, breakdowns avoided, running costs kept low and expensive repairs later down the track avoided.

Toyota Vehicles Car Service, Melbourne

Our service of Toyota cars includes:

  • logbook servicing
  • oil change, filter replaced
  • full engine tune
  • safety check
  • air filter check and replace
  • electrical system check
  • fuel filter check and replace
  • inspect hoses
  • replace and check ignition leads
  • replace and check spark plugs
  • clutch check
  • brakes check
  • belts check
  • top up and check fluids
  • check and replace points, condenser, distributor cap
  • cooling system pressure test
  • air conditioning check
  • battery check

Basic Service of a Toyota vehicle: A basic service includes replacement of engine oil and filter, and a top up of all other fluid levels. A general inspection will also be conducted to ensure your car is in great working order.

We use the latest Toyota Intelligent Diagnostic equipment to analyse your electrical system to ensure that your vehicle is in top working order and back on the road quicker.  We aim to provide a thorough, professional and prompt mechanical service for our customers to ensure your Toyota is running safely and in prime condition.

Wrecker of Toyota Vehicles, Melbourne

If you are looking for spare parts to suit Toyota vehicles in Melbourne or a wrecker of Toyota Vehicles, call us now.

Logbook Servicing

A Logbook Service is a great way to keep your car in top condition. For a competitive rate we can carry out a logbook service on a new or used car according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The service includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items plus you get a safety check and vehicle inspection report....

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